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Dustfighter 90 Filters

The Dust Fighter™ 90 is a purifying air filter that takes out the many impurities that we inhale each and every day. Some of the pollutants we inhale consist of dust, pollens, mould, spores, animal dander, carpet lint, bacteria, rubber and mite feces, which result in sinus congestion, sore throats, asthma, allergies and other symptoms. Presently, the indoor pollution often exceeds outdoor air pollution! It has been proven through medical studies that respiratory systems may have to remove a disturbing two tablespoons of pollution every day. The Dust Fighter 90™ is here to help prevent that and to improve your health.

These filters have a low resistance to air flow and high arrestance ratings for the optimum clean air experience. The high arrestance ratings prevent dust from accumulating on air coils, which when accumulates, lessens the effectiveness of the system. The filtration method is this: the air moves through the patented configuration of polypropylene filtration medias and then static electric charges are created to attract dust, pollen, moulds and other particles. The Dust Fighter™ 90 helps reduce your exposure to symptom-causing allergens, and therefore you breathe easier. The Dust Fighter™ 90 provides up to 90% arrestance of dusts, pollens, and moulds as air circulates through central air systems. A high level of performance is essential, and it is necessary for air to flow through the ductwork in order to maintain that level. The Dust Fighter™ 90 has been tested by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers 52-76 test procedure, and resulted as so:

  • Initial Resistance: .12 inches water gauge (w.g.) at 1200 CFM
  • Average Synthetic Dust Wt. Arrestance: 89% Average, 90% Peak
  • Dust Holding Capacity: 85 grams at .5” w.g., 125 grams at 1” w.g.

The Dust Fighter™ 90 has many features that will be helpful to all customers. It is incredibly easy to install, by replacing the throw-away filter in your central air system or air filter grille with the Dust Fighter™ 90. Compared to other disposable filters, it is up to 9 times more effective in filtering air. Not only is it easy to install, it is easy to maintain as well because it can be cleaned with an everyday mild household detergent and a spray of water. Although pollution levels vary, the filter will usually need to be cleaned every 30 to 90 days. This system also does not exude ozone while in operation.

It was rated as one of the best for filters of its type, at .12 inches initial resistance water gauge. The filter is washable, and is suitable for the majority of modern air handling units due to the combination of low resistance and high arrestance. To reduce the exposure to airborne irritants, many allergists recommend high performance electrostatic filters.

Clean air is a necessary part of life. Just by purchasing the Dust Fighter™ 90, you are making a smart investment for the future. The Dust Fighter™ 90 is less than half the cost of other air cleaners, and will greatly improve your quality of life. Not only will you be healthier, the carpets, draperies, walls and duct work will stay cleaner, and last longer over time since dust particles are being removed. It is very important that the system is kept clean because clean heating systems will operate for fewer minutes per hour, and ultimately save you money on energy expenses. Clean systems also maintain a high level of effectiveness. A lifetime warranty is included as well to give the customer the most rewarding purchase.

Dust Fighter™ 95

The Dust Fighter™ 95 is a tested product that has proven results, and satisfied, healthier customers. It also has evolved through twelve years of research and development and has become one of the best quality filters available. The Dust Fighter™ 95 is a detailed filter that was created with exact manufacturing techniques, and has patented multi-stage construction for superior filtration. It also includes a coated, durable wire for the rust-resistant filter with no sharp edges. These high performance filters have a Medical quality, multi-purpose anti-microbial foam which is the standard media for filters of such high quality. With the Dust Fighter™ 95, you’ll save money on energy costs, equipment and maintenance. The system also doesn’t use electricity, and is environmentally friendly. The Dust Fighter™ 95 is also UL listed for household safety. The Dust Free® electrostatic filter is gaining trust and popularity from the public as over 1 million have been installed in homes and businesses around the world.

Your health as well as the health of your family is very important, and a beneficial choice to maintain good health and, possibly improve it, is a Dust Fighter™ 95. It reduces your family’s exposure to dust, pollen and mould and gives you the relief of being able to breathe easier. The dangers of having impurities in the air can lead to developing allergies, asthma or hay fever symptoms. Other health benefits of an electrostatic filter are improved sleep patterns, a cleaner and healthier indoor environment and a sense of well-being. It is doctor-recommended as well to reduce allergy related problems. The Dust Fighter™ 95 removes 95% of common household pollutants, including dust, pollen, mould and animal dander as air circulates through your central air handling system. 95% removal is greater than any other filter on the market. Clearly, the Dust Fighter™ 95 is a step above the rest.

The many features available with the Dust Fighter™ 95 will only impress you more. With a lifetime warranty, and a 90 day money-back guarantee, it also comes from a Worldwide Dealer network of service and commitment. The Dust Fighter™ 95 traps dust and other impurities that would normally coat air coils and decrease the efficiency as well as preventing dust from gathering in the system. The only installation required for the filter is replacing your previous filter with the Dust Fighter™ 95. Cleaning is also effortless as all that is needed is water and household detergent, with cleaning intervals that vary from 30-90 days, depending on the pollution within the air. It also contains an anti-microbial media core, five layers of filtration media, and a durable aluminum frame, pull tabs, and drain holes. They are available in 40 standard sizes, (1” and 2” frame), as well as custom sizes. The coils and drain pan may also need to be inspected if the system has been operating for a long period of time with a low efficiency filter and this can be inspected by your qualified service contractor. The Dust Fighter™ 95 has a patented configuration of alternate polarity, self-charging layers of polypropylene filtration media, to attract particles as small as .1 micron (1 micron- 1/25,000 inches). The Dust Fighter™ 95 is a product that will continue to benefit you for the future, improving your health as well as cleaning your air.

The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ASHRAE) 52-76 test procedure, has tested the Dust Fighter™ 95, and resulted as follows:

  • Initial Resistance: .15 inches water gauge (w.g.) at 1200 CFM
  • Average Synthetic Dust Weight Arrestance: 93% Average, 95.3% Peak
  • Dust Holding Capacity: 100 grams at .5” w.g., 130 grams at 1” w.g.


  • 95.3% Peak Arrestance
  • 93% Average Arrestance
  • .15” Initial Resistance at 1200CFM
  • 100 grams Dust Holding Capacity at .5” w.g.
  • 130 grams Dust Holding Capacity at 1” w.g.

The Dust Fighter™ 95 is available in two models: the standard fixed frame model, and the adjustable frame fitter. The fixed frame filter is available in 40 standard sizes, and the adjustable can be fitted to all sizes from 24” x 30” down to 12” x 15”.

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