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Environol Geothermal Closed Loop Fluid


Geothermal systems provide the most efficient, environmentally-friendly space conditioning available today. Closed loop geothermal systems require an antifreeze solution in colder climates for freeze protection and enhancement of the system’s performance. Since an antifreeze is required, the choice of formulation becomes very important. Environol is formulated to maintain system efficiency without risk to the environment. This makes Environol the right blend for even the most exacting closed loop installations.

Made from a natural mixture

Environol is safe, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and has excellent heat transfer properties. Environol is based on a natural grain mixture tht is inexpensive and mixes easily with water for faster installation. While other antifreeze solutions may be toxic, Environol is safe. In fact, the USDA mandates a similar mixture to grade-stamp meat.

Key Environol Benefits

  • Environmentally-safe ethanol with pleasant pine oil aroma
  • Lowest NFPA (National Fire Protection Association_ health warning (Health-0)
  • Heat transfer performance 20% greater than propylene glycol
  • Available in both pure and pre-mixed ready-to-use formulas
  • Biodegrades more readily than any other antifreeze type
  • Specially designed corrosion inhibitor package
  • Custom denatured alcohol formulation
  • Alcohols have an excellent application record in geothermal systems spanning over 12 years
  • Will not damage or corrode tools
  • Comes in 205 litre drums or 20 litre containers
Environol Specific Gravity Chart
Environol Compatibility Chart

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