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REHAU In-floor Radiant Heating Systems

REHAU radiant heating systems are fully integrated, ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications, and is an ideal match to the low temperature efficiency of geothermal water to water heat pumps. REHAU RHS is compatible with a variety of floor coverings, including hardwood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile and marble, as well, it allows the simple integration of non-floor surfaces (e.g. walls, ceilings) as radiant heating panels. REHAU RHS also provides a safe and reliable way to keep outdoor areas clear of ice and snow with long-term performance and reliability.

REHAU RHS is comprised of several signature components that combine to offer unsurpassed comfort, efficiency, application flexibility, and reliability. These signature components of the REHAU RHS are RAUPEX O2 barrier pipe, EVERLOC fittings, PRO-BALANCE Manifolds, and RAUPANEL dry panel heating. In 1968, REHAU pioneered PEX with the introduction of the first PEXa pipes; when you’re dealing with REHAU, you’re dealing with an industry leader.

REHAU Material Estimator

REHAU Material Estimator

Our FREE REHAU radiant material estimator will help you do a quick estimate on how much radiant material you will need to do your project. Select the type of material you would like to use and answer a few basic questions to generate an estimated material list which you can download and save. [...]

REHAU Edge Points Program

REHAU Edge Program

The EDGE program rewards our hydronic installers with points they can use at the end of the year. With every REHAU purchase you make with us you will redeem points for free software, products and more. Just one of the many reasons to choose REHAU for all your hydronic applications. [...]

REHAU Products

RAUPEX Speed System

RAUPex speed is a super fast system for installing radiant pipe in hydronic systems. Fast, Flexible and easy it requires no special tools and will save you up to 30% on your labor costs. [...]


Radiant heating panel systems are installed directly on top of the subfloor, and for some installations in walls or ceilings underneath the gypsum board. Panel systems are considered low mass and offer faster response times compared to overpour or slab construction. Panels are [...]


Aluminum heat transfer plates are used in joist space installations to enhance heat transfer and improve efficiency. Radiant heating plate systems outperform talon-up joist space construction installations. Plate systems are suitable for both new construction and retrofit residential [...]


RAUBOARD low-profile heat transfer panels are used in floors, walls and ceilings to efficiently and evenly distribute heat from REHAU RAUPEX pipe into the room. Panels are installed between the subfloor and the finished floor or between the joists and the wall/ceiling coverings. After [...]

RAUGEO Helix Loop

The RAUGEO Helix coil is made with 1 in. PEXa pipe with an inside diameter of 0.875 in (22.2 mm) and an outer coil diameter of 16 in (40 cm). Helix coils are designed for installations where drilling depth is limited to 15 ft or less. Coil extends from 4 ft for transport to 10 ft for installation. [...]

Raupex Radiant In-floor Pipe

RAUPEX O2 barrier pipe is manufactured using REHAU’s high-pressure peroxide method for crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa). RAUPEX O2 barrier pipe has a co-extruded oxygen diffusion barrier that exceeds the strict requirements of DIN 4726. All RAUPEX O2 barrier pipe [...]

REHAU Pro-Balance Manifolds

Delivered pre-assembled and ready to install. Use with 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 in. RAUPEX pipe. Compatible with manifold valve actuator. Order manifold-to-pipe connectors separately [...]


EVERLOC fittings and sleeves create reliable connections that can be walled-in or embedded directly in a thermal mass when wrapped in waterproof, adhesive-free tape or RAUCROSS™ heat shrink tubing to help reduce corrosion caused by the surrounding environment. Check local [...]