REHAU Product


RAUGEO Helix Probes are ideal for use in both new builds and retrofits. They are the optimum choice if only a small land area is available and probe drilling is not possible, perhaps for geological reasons or if it is not finacially viable.

A 5-metre deep hole is created with an auger drill, into which the Helix probe is then installed and back- filled. The distance between each probe is 3-4 metres and must be at least 2 metres away from the building. The Helix probe is a telescopic design, so that it is extendable on site from 1.1 to 3.0 metres. Storage and transport costs have therefore been reduced through the use of this telescopic design. The specially designed PE membrane ensures the pipe spacing remains constant and also ensures the fixed diameter of the probe facilitating even energy extraction.

The RAUGEO Helix Probe PEXa represents the ideal space and cost saving alternative to ground-source probes or horizontal collectors. The estimated average extraction performance achieved is 400 W/Helix Probe, in optimum conditions up to 700W/ Helix Probe is possible.

In the same way as other tried and tested systems from the RAUGEO product range, the RAUGEO Helix Probe is made from cross-linked polyethylene (PEXa). Due to the high-quality material, the pipe is particularly resistant to damage, especially during handling and installation of the pipe on site and against puncture loads, which can affect the pipe once installed. In addition to this, the small bending radius of the pipe makes it possible to create the complete Helix Probe from a single pipe. Using PEXa avoids any welded connections and a non-streamlined probe tip, ensuring the highest possible reliability and efficiency. The high temperature resistance of up to +95 °C also makes a combination with solar energy possible even retrospectively.

The advantages of the RAUGEO Helix Probe:

  • Can be used in both new construction and retrofit applications
  • Extraction performance of the Helix loop of up 700 W per Helix Probe
  • Simple and fast installation using standard construction tools and equipment
  • Less land area required than traditional ground loops
  • Low storage and transport costs due to telescopic design
  • Made from PEX-a cross linked polyethylene pipe making it highly resistant to damage. Even with notches 20% deep into the pipe it will not split.
  • Defined pipe spacing and probe diameter using special PE membrane

For pricing, or if you have any questions on the REHAU Helix product please call us at 1-800-665-3336.