Keeping things simple is what REHAU does best. On your next radiant overpour or concrete installation, throw a coil of RAUPEX SPEED pipe over your shoulder and a roll of hookand-loop mat under your arm. Leave your tools in the truck.

The new RAUPEX Speed system from REHAU allows contractors to install radiant systems 30% faster without the need for nylon ties or staplers. The innovative new system will save you up to 30% on your labor because of its fast hook / link design which allows the pipe to stick to the RAUPEX Speed Mats.

Popular in Europe for years REHAU RAUPex Speed has finally arrived in North America to provide Hydronic contractors with an innovative new time saving radiant solution.

RAUPex Speed is Flexible

RAUPex Speed is a flexible solution for your hydronic installations. Roll out the adhesive-backed mat and walk down the 1/2 inch RAUPEX SPEED O2 barrier pipe. Mat and pipe attach instantly so there are no specialized tools or equipment required. This innovative new system also requires no penetration of the surface.

RAUPex Speed is Fast

Roll out the adhesive-backed mat and walk down the 1/2 in. RAUPEX SPEED O2 barrier pipe. Mat and pipe attach instantly. No specialized tools. No penetration of the surface. Because RAUPex Speed requires no tools to fasten the pipe it is incredibly fast. The ability to easily move pipes once it has been installed makes tweaking and finalizing installations incredibly fast.

RAUPex Speed is Easy to Install

RAUPEX SPEED is easier on the installer. In traditional installation methods there is alot of bending, kneeling and fastening pipes to the floor. With RAUPex Speed there is less bending and less time on your knees. Just walk the pipe down and you are done.

Time Lapse RAUPEX Speed Demonstration

The video below illustrates a classic installation of stapling REHAU pex pipe with a staple gun vs the new method of using the RAUPex Speed system. Watch the video and for a free quote or for any questions call us at 1-800-665-3336 x 206