Advantages of a Caleffi DirtMag in Hydronic Systems


Caleffi is one of the most innovative manufacturers of hydronic products, and Eden Energy is a leading supplier of their products. One of the many products that they offer is the Caleffi Dirtmag. The Dirtmag offers unique features and advantages in your hydronic boiler or geothermal installations.

Dirt separation is important as part of our system design, because as little as 1PPM of scaling can reduce the overall heat output of our boiler or geothermal system by as much as 10%.

Debris and dirt is introduced into our hydronic systems in a variety of different unintentional methods during the installation processs, from solder, other join compounds, dirt in the materials, etc.

Keeping this dirt out of the system with a DirtMag is an inexpensive way to ensure that the system works at its optimal performance. Customers have supplied us with photos the first time they use a DirtMag expressing their shock at how much 'stuff' is in their systems.

The photo below came from Tim Koolen from Koolen Electric who told us,

"I couldn't believe how much debris we got out of what we felt was a pretty clean installation."


A Dirt Separator is superior to a Y Strainer, because it has the ability to remove much smaller particles of dirt. In an independent test by TNO Science and Laboratory, they show that a Dirt Separator removes far more debris than cartridge filters or Y Strainers (see diagram below courtesy of Caleffi USA).


The Caleffi Dirtmag, like the one shown at the top of this article, brings a new layer of protection, because it has a 'magnetic' portion which means not only will it remove the dirt and debris, but also all the small metal pieces that unfortunately end up in our installations.


With the popuarity of Variable Speed Pumps and their significant cost reduction, a Dirtmag becomes a critical component in your installation. ( Currently we have Variable Speed pumps on sale for under $110.00 and contractors are utilizing them in almost every application due to the fantastic price).

Variable speed pumps are highly magnetic, which means they not only act as a filter catching dirt, but they hold onto metal debris in the system which causes premature pump failure. The photo to the right, supplied to us by Caleffi, is a great illustration of what happens when metal comes into contact with a variable speed pump.

DirtMags protect your overall system performance by keeping the debris out of the system and ensures optimal performance while also protecting key components from premature failure, especially varaible speed pumps. If you have questions on the DirtMag product line-up, call us at 1-800-665-3336. The 8 minute video below will give you an indepth run down on how the Caleffi Dirt & Air Separation products work together to protect and enhance your systems.

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