WaterFurnace Geothermal Troubleshooting App

Eden Energy Equipment is pleased to release WaterFurnace Geothermal Troubleshooting Application Version 1.2. This application is designed to provide basic troubleshooting assistance on all of the major WaterFurnace models available on the market from the newer 5 series to the older ATV units.

This new WaterFurnace Troubleshooting mobile app eliminates the tedious work of verifying the heat of extraction, heating capacity and calculated COP of the equipment. The app is designed to work on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows smart phones.

This app is FREE for all Eden Energy Equipment's WaterFurnace Dealers to use.  

To sign up to receive your copy of the app, please fill out the form below and you will be sent a password and a link to access the app.

Although we have done our best to ensure accuracy of the WaterFurnace Mobile Application because this app is still in BETA, by using it, you understand that we may call on you for feedback and at times the calculations may not be 100% accurate.

Please note that this app does not replace a WaterFurnace Service Technician and regular troubleshooting procedure. Only trained and qualified service personnel should install, repair, service or adjust heating and air conditioning equipment and should continue to observe precautions in the literature, tags and labels attached to the unit and any other safety precautions that may apply when working on said equipment. Please contact Eden Energy Equipment Ltd. Technical Services directly at 1-800-665-3336 for additional technical assistance and any questions you may have about the app.