Hydronic Radiant In-floor Material Estimator

When gauging customer interest in the REHAU radiant in-floor product, many times you require a quick material take off to assist with your sale. Doing a quick quote can take time and effort and this new mobile app is intended to give you a general material estimate, while taking the complex math and CAD software out of the equation. This sizing calculator does not replace the need for a proper floor layout, which is done at no charge to our customers by simply calling 1-800-665-3336. x206.

How the REHAU Material Estimator Works

This calculator takes the common rules for sizing radiant in-floor, and applies them to the square footage that you indicate calculating loop lengths, manifolds and fasteners required. Disclaimer: This tool makes assumptions and as such is not intended to replace a proper system design. By using this free tool, you acknowledge you are using this tool as is with no guarantees or warranties of any kind.

Take the total area of your space that you want to heat hydronically. Do not include areas you do not need hydronic heating. For example, if your space is 10' x 10', that is 100 square feet (10 multiplied by 10)
Overpour is the most common traditional method of radiant. For a premium solution select RAUPanel. It is installed on the floor, requires no structural changes and delivers up to 50% more BTUs. You pay more up front for the installation but its the most efficient radiant panel heating system on the market. Learn more about RAUPAnel
8" is suggested for floor heating and 12" is suggested for floor warming as a general rule. That said remember that the least expensive part of the job is the PEX A pipe. We encourage you to use 8" spacing because although you can heat it with 12" spacing you need a much higher water temperature and you reduce your overall system/boiler efficiency. You also can not change your mind later on 8" vs 12" spacing once the floor is done. If you have questions, call and speak with our Technical Services Manager at 1-800-665-3336. He is happy to help you!

As a general rule for residential systems use 1/2" pipe. For light commercial projects, use 5/8" pipe and for snow melt or large commercial, select 3/4" pipe.

Download Your Material List

To download your material list, please provide us with some details. Your project will download as a PDF and should you need to call us for pricing or a contractor we can help you at 1-800-665-3336 x 206.