Why you want to use REHAU RAUPanel

"RAUPANEL can be used in just about any home, new construction or retrofit, to give you radiant heating in your floors. Not only can this radiant system be installed in the floors, it can also be installed in the walls or even the ceiling, maximizing your comfort and performance of the system.

Installing this “dry” system eliminates the need for concrete overpour and works with the most frequently installed types of flooring including hardwood, tile and carpet.

REHAU RAUPANELThe RAUPANEL Dry Panel system is made up of four parts:

  • Aluminum panels
  • Plywood return bends
  • Plywood furring strips
  •  3/8” RAUPEX® O2 Barrier pipe.

The extruded aluminum panel is 6"" wide, 6 ft long and only 5/8"" high, has an omega-shaped groove that holds 3/8” RAUPEX pipe with optimum thermal contact and decreased thermal expansion.

The machined plywood bends permit 6"" or 8"" on-center spacing, while precision-cut furring strips give you nailing surfaces for flooring. With the RAUPANEL Dry Panel system, the parts are easy to transport and ship as they are packed into compact boxes and can be shipped through virtually any courier.

Why RAUPANEL is the Best Choice

No Structural Changes Needed:  Not only does RAUPANEL have comfort and economic benefits, it is also incredibly lightweight, making installation easier. The system weighs only 1.5 lbs per square foot compared to traditional overpour which weighs approximately 16 lbs per square foot. The lightweight advantage of the system lessens the need for structural reinforcement.

Excellent Bathroom, Single Room Solution: Most times it is not cost effective to try to add in-floor heating to a single room in a finished home, such as a bathroom. Even if the floor space is limited in a bathroom, kitchen, or mudroom,  or if the flooring is already installed, a RAUPANEL Dry Panel system can still be used.

Uses Lower Water Temperatures: Because the system has a higher BTU output than more traditional in-floor systems, it means that you can also use a lower water temperature, thus reducing equipment requirements. The system is an ideal link to geothermal water-to-water equipment.

Highest BTU Output per Square Foot:  According to a recent test completed at Virginia Tech, RAUPANEL offers the best relative output and is the most efficient method of dry radiant heating system.

Reduced Downward Heat Losses: Because of its carefully engineered design, it minimizes downward heat losses meaning it heats the space you want to and not the room beneath it.

Quicker Recovery Time: The patented RAUPANEL system has a very fast recovery time unlike other in-floor systems. Because of its lower thermal mass, you can use night setback on the system and only heat the space when you are in it, thus lowering your standby loads.

Uniform Heat and Comfort: Because of its engineered design it gives you the most comfortable uniform heat all through your home without the striping effect of hot and cold spots in the floor.

Installation is Quick and Easy.  Compared to joist space systems, it is simple to install and the installation itself can be done easily with a heating contractor.

Raupanel Output"

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