Introducing Hydro Core: Save Time & Money on Boiler Installs

Eden Energy is pleased to bring to our hydronic lineup the Hydro Core. Hydro Core combines a forged brass manifold and components to streamline boiler and secondary loops installations. This time saving new product is designed for the IBC boilers and will not only save you hours in labor but will also eliminate almost 30 potential leak points in your system. The Hydro Core is also guaranteed for life!

It has integrated isolation flanges and unions to make isolating, cleaning and servicing boilers even easier. For pricing or to learn more about how this product will save you time and money on your hydronic installations call us at 1-800-665-3336.


  • Eliminates costly field fabrication
  • Avoids precise calculations
  • Simplifies future maintenance
  • Minimizes leak paths
  • Shaves hours off every installation
  • All with EXPERT looking results


  • Replaces 34 Components
  • Eliminates 29 Leak Paths
  • Saves Over 4 Hours of Labor
  • Installation Kits to Fit over 200 Different Boilers & Counting!

Eden Energy Equipment offers the Hydro Core and most other components in not only sweat / FPT / MPT but also now in PRESS.

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