How REHAU RAUPanel Systems Works


As homeowners have become increasingly aware of the importance of energy-efficient building practices and products, especially upon feeling the effects of rising energy costs, more and more energy-efficient products are being integrated into residential new construction and renovation.

REHAU’s RAUPANEL system is the best dry panel radiant in-floor heating system available and works not only in the floor but also on walls. The slideshow presentation below goes through the technical aspects as well as the installation of RAUPANEL systems.

The RAUPANEL system is designed to provide rapid response, optimal performance and ease of installation. This patented low profile system is an excellent alternative to joist heating and poured thermal mass applications.

The RAUPANEL system consists of 3/8” RAUPEX pipe, extruded aluminum panels for strength, and wood return bends. The aluminum panels offer high conductivity with a low profile and a low mass, and eliminate the need for structural reinforcement. RAUPANEL is a complete engineered system that is easy to install, eliminates the overpour often used in radiant systems, and requires less job site preparation and installation time

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