Video: RAUPLATE Installation Guide

Earlier in the week we shared some basic tips and guidelines on how to install RAUPLATE™. That guide is an excellent resource that talks about spacing, tools required and the various components, so we encourage you to read that post as well as this one.

To better illustrate from our earlier post on RAUPLATE™, we now have a series of videos that showcase some of the key points to installing the RAUPLATE™. Once you finish watching the videos below, you should have a better understanding of how RAUPLATE™ is installed.

How to Mount RAUPLATE™ to the Joist.

The first part of the equipment to be installed is the RAUPLATE™ which is screwed up to the joist using 6 screws. A minimum 12″ gap is needed between the RAUPLATE™ and the joist penetrations. A minimum gap of 1″ must be kept between panels. On the joist penetration side of the RAUPLATE™, a Universal Fixing Rail is used to hold the pipe in place.

How to Install REHAU PEX Pipe into RAUPLATE™

The video below demonstrates how to install REHAU PEX pipe into the RAUPLATE™. It is important to keep a 6″ gap from the end of the joist bay and the pipe. With one end of the first loop connected to the manifold, you start feeding pipe into the joist space as illustrated below.

Clipping Pipe into RAUPLATE™ & RailFix

The above video gave an overview of how the REHAU pipe goes into the RAUPLATE™ panels. The video below gives another look at the pipe; how it clips in and how the pipe goes into the RAILFIX. Also gives you a visual look at how the RAILFIX should be positioned.

Installing Sleeves on REHAU PEX Pipe

This last video shows the REHAU SLEEVE that needs to be installed on the pipe as it goes through the joist. This is very important if you do not do this, it can result in noise as the pipe expands and contracts and rubs on the joist.

We encourage you to also read our other post on how RAUPLATE™ is installed which included more detailed information. If you wish to order product you can contact us below.

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