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Rehau Everloc Fittings

EVERLOC fittings are well known for their strength and provide a reliable, long term connection that is virtually maintenance- and worry-free. Because of their larger inside diameter, EVERLOC fittings provide superior flow characteristics and less pressure loss than compression and crimp ring systems.

EVERLOC fittings do not require flame, heat, or solvent to make the connection so they are fast and easy to install. EVERLOC fittings are also immediately ready for service once they are connected. EVERLOC fittings are covered by a 25-year limited warranty and REHAU is the only PEX manufacturer to warrant radiant heating fittings when encased in concrete.

Making joints couldn’t be simpler, saving you valuable time and money. Using the unique REHAU EVERLOCTM cold jointing compression sleeve system, permanent and secure joints can be made in seconds.

The REHAU Pipe-in-Pipe option offers even greater flexibility by offering “in-floor” pipe installations.  The main features and benefits include:

Piece of mind

  • Scale resistent
  • Quality engineering
  •  Leak proof
  • Warranty


  • Speed of fitting
  • Labour
  • PE-Xa Pipe
  • Speed of installation


  • Unlimited options
  • Technical service
  • Flame free installation
  • No ducts required

Noise reduction

  • Pipe-in-pipe
  • Smooth bore
  • No bore reduction at joint

How to Install Everloc Fittings

The video below demonstrates from start to finish the general practice of how to install an everloc fitting as well as the tools that are required. Should you have any questions or need further assistance our contact information is directly below the Everloc fitting installationvideo.

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