REHAU Product

REHAU Pro-Balance Manifolds

PRO-BALANCE manifolds are manufactured from smooth-wall extruded brass pipe, come pre-assembled, are 100% air tested in the factory, and provide long life with minimal maintenance. PRO-BALANCE manifolds have colour coded supply/return valves that provide easy identification of supply and return lines.

PRO-BALANCE manifolds have both integrated thermometers and flow gauges that when combined, provide a quick and accurate method of calculating heat output to the radiant panel system. PRO-BALANCE manifolds also have integrated automatic air vents, fill ports, and complete individual circuit shut-off valves. These integrated features speed air elimination and simplify system troubleshooting and serviceability. REHAU’s 4-wire manifold valve actuator attaches easily to the PRO-BALANCE manifold and provides easy zoning without the need for additional piping.

REHAU’s PRO-BALANCE manifolds set the standard for the radiant heating industry. Designed and built with the professional heating contractor in mind, these reliable manifolds take the guesswork out of installations. PRO-BALANCE gives you the control you demand and the accessories you need.

Heating manifolds should be easy to order and fast to install. They should provide secure connections with reliable performance. And most importantly, they must look professional, since on most radiant heating or snow and ice melting projects, the manifold is the only piece of equipment that is visible. PRO-BALANCE manifolds provide all this and more.

Each manifold comes fully assembled, ready for installation and includes:

  • 1″ supply/return manifold isolation valves with mini-thermometers
  • Air vent/boiler drain valves
  • Visual flow gauges on the supply manifold
  • Circuit balancing/isolation valves on the return manifold
  •  Mounting brackets and hardware
  • Circuit identification tags
REHAU Manifold Components Breakdown

Rehau Probalance Manifold Diagram

  1. REHAU mini thermometers (Part. 250218) Require no fittings and provide instantaneous sup- ply and return water temperature, allowing you to monitor and calculate heat input into the system. Mini Thermometers are included with PRO-BALANCE manifolds.
  2. Supply/return isolation valves : Come standard on every PRO-BALANCE manifold. Valves are color-coded and built to accept REHAU mini thermometers. Union connections make it easy to align the valves.
  3. REHAU’s flow-stop circuit isolation valves (Part. 250224) Allow for complete shut-off of an individual circuit on the supply manifold, to assist with purging operations.
  4. Integral flow gauges Provide quick visual indication to ensure that circuits are receiving proper flow as per system de- sign, reducing the time required to adjust a system.
  5. Unions (Part. 260407) Are used to join one manifold to another, for exten- sion purposes. Unions allow manifolds to be joined without removing them from their brackets.
  6. Automatic air vents (Part. 250212) Attach directly to the standard air vent/boiler drain valve. Since manifolds are often installed at high points in the system and above system air vents, these extra air vents help to speed air elimination.
  7. REHAU’s 4-wire manifold valve actuators (Part. 260166) Attach to manifolds for electronic flow control of each circuit. Actuators make zoning easy with no additional piping. Integrated end switches can work with other zoning controls for system integration.
  8. R-20 compression manifold connections  For use with RAUPEX pipes in sizes 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4”. Theses reliable fittings allow the manifold to be used in projects ranging from bath- rooms to large commercial installations.
  9. Union elbows (Part. 250214) Permit changes to the direction of the supply/return piping allowing the manifold to be supplied from below.
  10. Extension Kit (Part. 250225) It allows you to add additional circuits to the manifold.