Building HVAC Service Contracts with Smart Thermostats


HVAC contractors spend thousands of dollars every year trying to attract new customers and grow their business through a variety of channels, including radio, internet search and direct mailings. According to industry sources, it costs an HVAC contractor between $200 and $300 to gain a new customer.

The contractors that have the healthiest businesses, are the ones that not only attract new customers, but have annual service agreements. These agreements keep the contractor in front of their customers on a regular basis, maintaining equipment, and making sure their customers are satisfied and their equipment is running properly. Home owners generally consider HVAC contractors a trusted source for information on home comfort and safety. There is now a way to ensure regular service calls and face to face contact with your customers that can also help drive referrals, repeat service (filter changes), and long-term repair/replacement business.

How Smart Thermostats can help

Now, with the introduction of Smart thermostats, HVAC contractors have a much easier way to capture repeat service business, while adding value to their customers. Products like the 'ecobee smart thermostat' are a simple launching platform that requires no work by the contractor to enhance their business. We all know that holding onto business is much less expensive than trying to acquire new business, and that is where products like the ecobee shine.

Because of its ability to notify the homeowner and the contractor of service alerts and maintenance issues (with custom branding that includes the contractors name/phone number), it offers even more opportunities to get in front of your customer and solve problems quickly. A great advantage to the home owner is immediate alerts, with an email noting who to call, if and when there is a service or maintenance issue. These contractor branded on-screen service notifications also help contractors maintain service contracts on equipment even after the home has been sold to new owners.

The Dealer Portal

Contractors can not only react to equipment alerts that need service, but allows the advantages of using features in the dealer portal. From the free Contractor Portal, they can review all of their installations easily, batch scheduled service calls, and check to see at a glance, how units are performing identifying service issues before they happen.

The first screenshot below illustrates the view that a contractor gets as soon as they login to the ecobee Contactor Portal. Highlighted in red, you can see an immediate overview of all events, from required service, as part of a scheduled maintenance agreement, to unexpected equipment issues.


Efficently Map Your Service Calls

The second screenshot below illustrates the level of detail you can access within the ecobee Contractor Portal. Highlighted in red, each thermostat has a list of alerts. To the right of these alerts, you will see detailed information on each of those alerts.

The portal also features a map view. This map allows you to locate installations at a glance, and categorize them to more easily schedule units due for service. The contractor will receive a direct email when an install is categorized 'red', indicating immediate attention is required. Easily work potentially problematic installations categorized 'yellow' geographically into service schedules.


As you can see, the ecobee Smart thermostat is not only a great tool to enhance your service, but the perfect innovative form of direct marketing for your company, significantly less expensive than traditional direct marketing. You are already installing a thermostat, so why not install one that has a positive impact on your bottom line, while also offering your customer great value and features they are asking for!

To schedule free training online or in person, and learn how the ecobee smart thermostat can enhance your customer experience and improve your bottom line, call us at 1-800-665-3336. Also, ask us if you qualify for FREE ecobee 3 thermostats to familiarize you and your service team with how this product will benefit your company.

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