How to Setup WaterFurnace Symphony


The WaterFurnace Symphony system is the latest in cutting edge energy montoring and brings smart thermostat technology and much more to the WaterFurnace geothermal equipment line-up. The Symphony system not only enables homeowners to monitor their units performance down to the second and also turn the unit on and off, it allows service technicians to access over 100 points of data on the unit including power consumption, water performance, refrigeration circuit monitoring and detailed break downs of what the unit is doing at any given time logged every 10 seconds.

This product is great for consumers but the logging of data is a dream for service technicians allowing you to see not just the lockout history but the exact conditions in the unit when it locked out making service and troubleshooting a much simpler process.

The setup of the Symphony system is incredibly easy and this brief tutorial will introduce you to how to do the setup of the Symphony Hardware on the unit. This setup process should take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

Step 1: Unpackage the Symphony

Plug your aid tool into the outside of the WaterFurnace unit in the provided AXB port. With the AID tool, go to 'configu aurora system' and make sure to under 'add device,' add the AWL device. Unplug the AID tool, unpackage the sympony device and plug it into the outside of your 5 Series / 3 Series of 7 Series WaterFurnace unit. Once you have plugged the Sympony in, the unit will light up indicating it is powered. Your Symphony is now in 'local mode' and ready to connect to the internet.


Step 2: Connect to the Internet

The homeowner will need to be present for this next step. Take out your smart phone and click on your WIFI settings. If you put the Symphony into local mode properly, you will now see a new WiFi signal you can connect to starting with 'AWL'. Select and connect to it, an example is shown below on an ANDROID phone;


Step 3: Connect to the Consumers WiFi

During this step, you are going to go through a few quick screens to setup the WIFI which is why you need the consumer. Open a browser window on your phone and go to, which is the 'devices identity'. A screen will pop up (shown below). You will next select AWL configuration from the menu to setup the WiFi.


After clicking the AWL configuration button, click on the 'Change WIFI Network,' the very last option on the page.


Click on scan for networks and select from the list the customers WiFi connection (they can tell you which one is their's). After you enter the WiFi password, you have completed the Symphony hardware setup.


For more information on the WaterFurnace Symphony, including Technical Assistance, product compatibility and pricing, you can reach us at 1-800-665-3336. In our next blog post, we will walk you through how to setup the Symphony Portal.

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