WaterFurnace Launches New Advanced Controls AXB Board


WaterFurnace is proud to introduce the Aurora Advanced Expansion Board (AXB). Now available as an option on the 5 Series 500A11, the AXB adds a number of powerful capabilities to WaterFurnace units when connected to the Aurora Basic Control board (ABC). AXB advanced controls provide support for features like, compressor current monitoring, loop pump slaving, extended hot water generator control, and variable speed pump capability.

AXB controls mate seamlessly with WaterFurnace’s IntelliZone2 zoning system and when used with the upcoming Aurora Web Link (AWL), expands communication protocols to include the internet, the smart grid, and home automation networks. AXB also provides enhancements to the plain-English fault communication (Comfort Talk) and, like the Aurora Base Control (ABC), utilizes an AID tool to offer the industry’s most flexible set-up and diagnosis capabilities.

WaterFurnace’s AXB not only provides homeowners with true energy monitoring when paired with WaterFurnace communicating thermostats, but also energy, refrigeration, and performance monitoring through the AID Tool with optional factory installed sensor kits. Currently, just a few of the options available to WaterFurnace dealers with the new Aurora Advanced Controls include:

Geo Energy Monitoring Kit: The Energy Monitoring Kit includes two current transducers (blower and electric heat) added to the existing two compressor sensors so that the complete power usage of the heat pump can be measured. The AID Tool provides configuration detail for the type of blower motor and a line voltage calibration procedure to improve the accuracy. This information can be displayed on the AID Tool or selected communicating thermostats. The TPCM32U03/04 will display instantaneous energy use while the colour touchscreen TPCC32U01 will additionally display a 13-month history in graph form.

Refrigeration Monitoring Kit: The optional Refrigerant Monitoring Kit includes two pressure transducers, and three temperature sensors, heating liquid line, suction temperature and existing cooling liquid line (FP1). These sensors allow the measurement of discharge and suction pressures, suction and liquid line temperatures as well as superheat and subcooling. This information will only be displayed on the AID Tool.

Performance Monitoring: The optional Performance Monitoring Kit includes three temperature sensors, entering and leaving water, leaving air temperature and a water flow rate sensor. With this kit, heat of extraction and rejection will be calculated. This requires configuration using the AID Tool for selection of water or antifreeze.

In addition to the release of the AXB, WaterFurnace is also proud to announce new models in the WaterFurnace 5 series line-up. 012 and 018 models are now available for smaller applications, and rear discharge is available on 042-072 models. These enhancements and additions to the already successful 5 Series will reinforce WaterFurnace’s reputation for innovation and uphold the standards they’ve set for over three decades. Should you have any questions on these new changes call us at 1-800-665-3336.

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