WaterFurnace Symphony Wins Dealer Award


The new WaterFurnace Symphony System recently took top honors at the 'Dealer Design Awards' winning SILVER. Symphony gives you the power to monitor and track your WaterFurnace unit’s energy use instantaneously or as a daily, weekly or 13-month history. Symphony gives you the power to track trends visually and provides the information you need to reduce consumption even further. Make tweaks to your thermostat and watch the effect on your bills!

Your WaterFurnace Dealer can also monitor your system remotely giving you piece of mind whether you are travelling or if this is a second home with immediate alerts to any equipment issues that may come up. Dealers have the ability to see the over 100 points of data on the WaterFurnace unit including flow rates, heat of extraction, suction pressure, discharge pressure, lockout conditions and so much more. The WaterFurnace Symphony gives the WaterFurnace Dealer an unparalleled level of access to information making remote diagnosing and troubleshooting of the WaterFurnace equipment as easy as logging in to your computer or smart device.

Consumer Benefits

  • Remote access of thermostat adjustments and programming including full zoning
  • Multiple unit/home capability
  • Smart device app with remote thermostat management and energy monitoring
  • Notification of system alarm/alerts via e-mail or text to designated people
  • Optional add-on sump/water alarm sensor
  • WaterFurnace unit energy monitoring history

Dealer Benefits

  • Access to view and monitor all customer-accessible features
  • Remote monitoring of customers’ equipment via real-time virtual AID tool and historical data analysis of 100+ parameters recorded every 10 sec.
  • Notification of system alarm/alerts via e-mail or text to you and your technicians
  • Potential time/costs reductions in diagnostics, repairs and unnecessary jobsite trips
  • Onsite wireless AID tool via smart device

To learn more about the SYMPHONY system and to download brochures and more detailed information visit WaterFurnace Or alternatively call us toll free at 1-800-665-3336

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