WaterFurnace TroubleShooting App v1.7 Launched


Eden Energy Equipment has just released v1.7 of the WaterFurnace Mobile Troubleshooting App. The app works on all smart phone and tablet devices including Android, Apple and Blackberry. The previous version enabled you to quickly troubleshoot and benchmark the performance of WaterFurnace units from the latest equipment to units that are 20+ years old.

From the old Triple Function units to AT Premier units and the 5 series all of them can be quickly performance checked with our app in minutes.

The concept of the app is that in a few simple steps, you can calculate and adjust for any issues. When you punch in some critical data, the mobile application will then calculate the units performance and score the unit on a scale of 0% overall performance to 100% performance and give unit specific suggestions on what to adjust to improve its performance. Developed as an application to be used internally by our technical team, it was released to our customers as a free tool to enhance doing business with us.

The latest version of the app gives you even more advanced troubleshooting features. Now you can not only enter all your data and get unit specific troubleshooting and performance recommendations, but you can input the lockout condition you have, and it will walk you through how to improve the units performance and how to fix your specific fault on the model that you are working on.

Kevin Schmitt who is a Manager at Delta Air Systems says;

'The FREE WaterFurnace Troubleshooting App is an invaluable tool to save us diagnostic time and expedite repair time on the equipment"

To register for your free copy of this app, go to this link . If you have any questions about the app, call our office toll free at 1-800-665-3336 and speak with our Technical Services Manager, Michael.

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